Santa Barbara



Restorative Workshops

Through a partnership with the Alternatives to Violence Project and the Santa Barbara Juvenile Probation Department, Restorative Workshops are provided for juveniles on probation as part of the Alternative Detention Program.  Youth are referred to this program with the intent of preventing future harmful behaviors and victimization by providing skills of communication, cooperation, trust, conflict management, and understanding diversity.  Incorporating a Victim Impact Panel (VIP) provides a forum for victims of crime to share their personal experience of crime and highlights the physical, emotional, and financial impacts that the experience had on them, their families, friends, and neighbors.  Each workshop gives participants the opportunity to develop accountability and empathy and allows victims the unique opportunity to develop a sense of empowerment that may have been destroyed as a result of the crime. 

“I will carry some things I learned from here for the rest of my life” ~ 17 year old male participantType your paragraph here.