Santa Barbara



About the Restorative Community Network

The Restorative Community Network (RCN) is a coalition of individuals and organizations committed to working together to address the complex social issues contributing to community harm or crime.  The purpose of the RCN is to advocate for the use of Restorative Practices in the justice system, educational system, and program services,  The long term goal of the RCN is system and policy change toward a sustainable and inclusive model of community services, through the promotion of Restorative Practices and collaborative partnerships.  The RCN uses a multi-dimensional approach focusing on collaborative partnerships and shared resources:

  • Community Councils were held with youth, families, and interested community members to discuss needs, concerns, and lived experiences.  Community Councils inquire about community perceptions, opinions, beliefs, and attitudes toward the current judicial process. 
  • Stakeholder Meetings were held with government officials, legal personnel, law enforcement, probation, and youth & family service providers to share essential information about current practices, who and what is affected, and various influences on process and outcomes. 
  • Restorative Workshop – Through a partnership with the Alternatives to Violence Project and the Juvenile Probation Department, restorative workshops were offered through the alternative detention program.  Youth learn communication, cooperation, trust, conflict management skills, while also exploring strategies to successfully completing probation. 

The Restorative Community Network Symposium was offered to the community as a means to share findings of the successes, challenges, needs, and gaps in services from both the community and service provider perspective.  Jointly, members of the RCN strategies the strengthening of existing programs and processes and determined a prioritized action plan in order to meet the needs of the community and begin the process of creating a Restorative Community.